“Fascinating.. excellent.. highly readable”

Oxford University

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Written by an AI entrepreneur, this book gives a fascinating insight into the history, the present and future of AI.

The AI Age demystifies AI so you can clearly see how it works, what skills you need to succeed with AI, and how AI can give you a competitive edge.

After purchasing this book, you will be able to: 

History of AI

Understand the history of AI – from intiguining charachters such as the genius Alan Turing who invented the field, to the progression of AI at Google Deep Mind with today’s awesome power.

What is AI?

Find out what is AI – how intelligence displays across all living organisms, and machines, and the importance of collective intelligence.

How AI actually works?

See how AI actually works – a peak under the technical hood – how does Alexa talk? Or Netflix recommend a film? Cars drive themselves? How did AI create this book cover?

AI in your business

Leverage AI in your own business – learn how to apply AI in every business function from marketing, sales, HR, finance, IT, supply chain, etc.

Develop AI Age skilss to rocket fuel your carrer find out what skills you need to thrive in the AI Age.

AI’s impact on jobs

Find out what AI’s impact will be on jobs – Will millions be left unemployed? Will we all collect a universal basic income? Or will AI actually create more jobs than it replaces?

Prevent the loss of your job to AI.

AI revolution

Peer into the future, seeing how AI will transform the world – discover the fascinating future of how machine intelligence will evolve. How will be business be transformed by AI? What is the future for humanity and machines?

This book represents a world-first. A new landmark in the story of AI.

It is the first time ever a book cover has been created by AI.

Who is this book for ?

This book is for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Marketing managers, Startups, Businesses, Proffessors and Students interested in technology, machine learning, data science, history, religion and anyone else who wants to learn about AI and get in the right side of AI revolution.

The AI Age answers all the big questions about AI in one book.

It appeals to readers who want to be stimulated by the excitement of the potential AI, while also understanding practically how they can apply AI in their business.

Both educational and informative, the AI Age shows readers what AI will do their jobs, the skills they will need to thrive, and how the AI Age will unfold in future.  

Βuy this one complete guide to find out everything you need to know about AI.

About the author

Adam Riccoboni

Adam Riccoboni is an AI entrepreneur, AI lecturer and AI writer. He is the founder and CEO of Critical Future, specialist AI firm, which has developed many pioneering AI technologies from predicting cancer to predicting stock prices. Critical Future is the trusted partner of many of the world’s biggest brands.


Mr. Riccoboni is an award winning entrepreneur, and acclaimed business writer, as featured on BBC, the Guardian, The Financial Times, ESPN and USA Today.


Prof. John Fox

Oxford University

Riccoboni’s book has a breadth and depth of understanding that justifies careful reading.

His predictions about how AI can be and will be deployed in business and industry are fascinating and informed by his wide practical experience as an entrepreneuer and business consultant.

In my view this is an excellent piece of thoughtfull writing and is highly readable!  

Dom Ahern

CEO, Best Suited

Riccoboni is at the forefront of the AI revolution.

This book manages to answer all the big questions about the greatest technological revolution of our time.

A monumental achievement!

Prof. Simon Mercardo

UK Dean, ESCP Business Scool

The most thoughtful guide available on how AI will transform society and business.

Liz Pellegrini

Head of Innovation Labs,

A must-have book for anyone interested in AI and its impact on our society. The extensive research on AI and the future of work will help individuals and companies understand and plan strategically for the skills that will be needed in AI age.


What if I am unhappy with the book ?

Get a full refund within 30 days from the date of order. No questions asked. Try the book risk free. Take the plunge, I am sure you will find this book invaluable. 

What is the purchase process ?

Digital purchases are processed securely via Paypal and the download link is emailed to you immediately. Hard Cover books are shipped the next day and the tracking code is emailed to you. Get in touch if you have any issues.

In what languages is the book available in ?

All editions are available only in English.

In what formats is the book available in ?

The book is available in all popular formats such as paperback, epub, pdf and kindle. 

Kindle version available on Amazon

AI Age is 5 star rated on Amazon and is available on both paperback and kindle versions

download now for £8.99


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